A Checklist of Bridal Jewellery in Marathi Weddings

A Checklist of Bridal Jewellery in Marathi Weddings

I am an avid jewelry lover. Traditional pieces of jewels entice me the most. There is not any doubt approximately the truth that weddings are the perfect activities to flaunt your stunning jewels. In the olden days, it turned into taken into consideration as a symbol of wealth and status, and ladies taken into consideration rings as Streedhan, their personal wealth.

The rings we wear on formal occasions could be very exclusive from those which might be worn at weddings and with regards to bridal earrings, it must be special. You might be amazed to look the variety of patterns that we Indians have, network or nation wise. The pieces of jewellery worn by way of Kashmiri brides is completely distinctive from that worn through Marathi brides or Tamil brides. Talking about the country-specific rings, Marathi brides embellish a completely unique style of wedding ceremony rings. Here is the checklist of jewellery worn through the Marathi brides –

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1. Mundavlya

Both Marathi brides and grooms put on mundavalya, that are strands of pearls tied horizontally across the forehead and on either facet of the face. The vertical strands of the mundavalya grasp to the chin.

2. Nath

Like the mundavlya, nath is an exceptional Marathi bridal jewelry piece. A nath or nose pin offers a distinct look to the Marathi brides. These nose-portions have pearls stringed together with some valuable stones like rubies and the center-piece rests on the nose with any other matching stone like ruby, diamond or emerald studded directly to it.

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3. Kolhapuri Saaz

As the call implies, this jewelry piece originated in Kolhapur and is suggestive of the woman’s marital popularity. Saaz is proficient to the bride by means of the groom’s own family. It is made up of gold beads, gold leaves, and petals, and has a spherical pendant with a red stone woven in a gold twine.

4. Choora

Maharashtrian choora is a fixed of dark green glass bangles, which are given a contrasting look with three- 4 stunning gold bangles. A few glass bangles are separated by a gold bangle. Traditionally, choora is worn in atypical and different numbers in both hands. For example, you can wear eleven in a single and thirteen in the other, and so forth. Green is a sign of fertility and hence you could see a number of inexperienced colorations in Marathi bridal trousseau.

5. Putli Haar

Putli Haar has is a neckpiece which has round gold cash stringed together on a silk twine. Each of those cash has a Lakshmi motif, symbolizing the goddess of wealth. This style of jewelry dates lower back to seventeenth century and looks lovely. I turned into so smitten with this jewelry that I sold one in gold for my wedding too. ????

6. Vaki

Vaki is an armlet crafted from interlocked gold chains and is decorated with a ruby studded on the center.

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7.   Thushi 

Thushi is a necklace with thick chains of golden balls and is held together by a thread. It is worn proper at the base of the neck and is made from pure gold and is embellished with tricky designs.

Hope you preferred this post on Marathi bridal jewelry, live tuned for more records on other Indian bridal portions of jewellery.

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