The Psychological Secrets to a “Happy Marriage”

The Psychological Secrets to a “Happy Marriage”

Since centuries the role of matrimony has been mentioned, dissected and discoursed upon, ad nauseam! Since time immemorial philosophers, poets, religious leaders, spiritualists, psychologists and social anthropologists alike have tried to resolve the mystery query to what constitutes a satisfied matrimony. Cynics have even called that word an not possible oxymoron. However, the office of marriage nevertheless flourishes amidst each tradition and people nonetheless want to realize, “What are the secrets and techniques to a guaranteed happy marriage?”

Good information and awful news! The awful news (really now not!) is that there's no given mystery system to it. The exact news is each couple has the secret within their very own unique dynamic to make it so, IF they put in effort to hold sure mental and emotional health of the relationship.


In most pockets of India, even these days the person and the female inside marriage aren't considered equals. However, a wedding is a bond between two equal shareholders. A matrimony  wherein both companions aren’t self assured enough to treat the opposite character as their same, with out feeling threatened or defensive, is sure to undergo deterioration through the years.

In our tradition, human beings at instances quote ancient non secular texts and mythologies at times to justify the lesser or subservient function of a spouse to her husband. But each Indian groom and bride ought to also don't forget the equally opposite legacy of “equality within marriage”, depicted in the same historic texts. Our Puranas sincerely communicate about Shiva and Shakti being identical and identical. In any wedlock, that equal essence desires to be recreated for a collectively respectful and happy long haul.


The greatest emotional basis to a Happy Marriage is – wonder! – now not amazing chemistry, nor family affluence, nor any other model of compatibility – as an alternative it’s ‘Friendship’. In Buddhism there’s a stunning phrase for Love, referred to as Maitri. Maitri basically way ‘Loving Friendliness’ that one holds, feels and deliberately practices closer to their item of Love. Imagine in case you first and main forge a deep friendship along with your partner, and are dedicated to treat her or him as your Best Friend, how easy the rest of the matrimonial nuances could routinely grow to be. Things that you could never do in your first-rate pal now translates into things you'll in no way even experience like doing in the sacred wedlock. Hurt, manipulative behaviors, abuse, violence in speech or action, dropping hobby, betrayal, cheating – a few if these powerful marriage killers by using default lose out second partners construct their matrimonial lifestyles in a deep friendship with each other.


To have compassion for everybody implies extending them your patient listening, your tolerant know-how, your proactive presence to ease their struggles in every way. In each culture, all spiritual leaders and cultural voices have hailed Compassion as a crucial sport changer for the whole thing in lifestyles. Same is going for a satisfied married life. Practicing compassion towards one’s spouse doesn’t equate to pitying them as susceptible but to treat them as one’s personal self and be there for them as one could healthy themselves. This mental stance considerably strengthens any wedding bond.

Marriage is Good for Your Immune System


Non reaction

No, we aren’t speaking approximately passive aggressive non-reaction or silent treatment! We are speakme about a relaxed and indifferent objectivity which can store any relationship from each interpersonal disaster, extra so within a wedding dating. Hasty judgments, hissing jealousy, wrong conclusions drawn and reactive speeches have ruined more marriages than some other realistic troubles. For both partners to broaden an mindset of calm non-reaction and “Practising the Pause” before addressing an difficulty goes an extended way in forging deeper accept as true with, better communication and more effective partnership.

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