Weird Indian Wedding Rituals That Will Blow Your Mind

Weird Indian Wedding Rituals That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you heard the famous word, “It happens best in India!”? Well, sure, that’s even extra relevant to the context of the various wedding ceremony rituals our u . S . Has, as some of them are outright bizarre! India is a conglomeration of language, way of life, and religions and yet in nearly every community, there are a few bizarre matrimonial ceremonies tough to reckon with. Here are a few of them –

Mandatory Change of Mind

In precise Tamil Brahmin communities, a groom has to change his mind at the final minute mandatorily and refuse to grow to be a married man. He is then ritualistically cautioned through his uncle or his father on the deserves of becoming a ‘Sansarik’ and no longer a ‘Sanyasi.’ He’s informed in detail approximately the significance of matrimony and ‘Grihastha Ashram ‘ and his roles and obligations as a husband, so he comes returned to his senses and agrees to sit at the marriage altar.

Drink that Dude!

Among Gujaratis, it’s obligatory to have the groom’s ft washed with milk and honey through his could-be father-in-regulation. But what’s weird is he’s then supposed to drink that candy, slimy, grimy “potion” inside the call of Madhuparka, as this ritual is referred to as.

Trapeze Star Bride?

In a not unusual put up-wedding ceremony ritual of Bihar, a newlywed bride has to balance earthen pots after pots on her head, which might be positioned there via her mom-in-law. It doesn’t stop there. She has to then seek the elder’s benefits by using bowing This is said to symbolize the bride’s ability to stability her familial and matrimonial responsibilities.

Pinocchio Groom

We all have read about Pinocchio who’s nose have become longer with every lie. But right here’s some other way to make that occur! Gujarati wedding! In a ceremony named Ponkhana wherein the groom’s mom-in-law first greets him and plays an aarti, but then she mandatorily pulls the groom’s nostril! This is symbolic of assisting the groom understand that he’s the only who has come to are searching for the bride in marriage and so much stays humble.

Runaway (with) Bride!

Some of the Adivasi communities in India have this ordinary subculture of the husband maintaining the newly wedded spouse in a few hidden place for a complete 12 months. She’s not allowed to go out or have interaction with anyone for that duration. After the quit of 365 days, the community seniors approve the wedding, and an professional celebration is held.

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Roses, No, Tomatoes, Yes!

In Sarsaul, Uttar Pradesh, inside a positive tribal community, it's far obligatory to greet and welcome the groom’s family with pretty a strange thing. Not roses, now not rose water or perfumes, not in spite of liquids and paan. They are welcomed by way of being pelted with tomatoes! The community seems to accept as true with that a matrimonial affiliation beginning with tolerating such torture with such endurance without a doubt makes room for lengthy-term endurance, love, and knowledge among the newlyweds.

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