Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I go about searching for appropriate match at your website?

    You need to optimize the search by selecting appropriate search criteria, which refines the search. For instance, you can particularize personal attributes like religion, age, height, salary etc. for better results.

  • What are the various partner search options available at

    • Smart Search
    • Religion Search
    • Caste Search
    • State / City (India) Search
    • Professional Search
    • Photo Search
    • Mangalik Search
    • Search by Profile Number

    Except these, "Quick Search" option is available at the top of every page to make your search of life partner easier.

  • I have received a mail stating that my profile has been deleted by you. Why?

    The apparent reason is that you may have furnished some invalid, irrelevant or fake information while posting your profile, which may have been disapproved after having undergone the inspection. The information you relay to us may not be suitable to be published online, so we delete the profile altogether and subsequently inform you regarding the same, considering that you can post your profile afresh with genuine information.

  • How will I make sure that the profile posted by me has been activated? Can I see it online?

    Once we have authenticated your details, we activate your account and drop a mail at the Email ID specified by you confirming the same and also allocate you a Profile Number. You can view your profile at the site by entering your Profile Number in the link Profile ID Search given at the home page under "Quick Search" title.

  • When is my profile visible at your website?

    Your Profile becomes visible to users of after validation of data. Validation of listing is usually completed within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Is it necessary to attach a photo with my profile?

    No it is not necessary. However, it is advisable to post one, since most members and visitors at conduct searches for profiles with photographs. Your chances of being picked are thus increases greatly if your photo is attached with your profile.

  • How will I identify my profile uniquely at

    Your profile on Apnasoulmate is unique, and so is your Profile Number that identifies it on the site. If you want to check the display of your profile then just click the link "Profile ID Search", given under the heading "Quick Search" and then enter your Profile Number.

  • Can I post more than one profile with the same Email id?

    Email ID ensures the uniqueness of a profile at the site, so there you can only post a single profile with your Email ID.

  • How can I post my profile on

    You can post your profile directly from the link "Register FREE" running in the header. Click the link and fill the form with all relevant information. After completing submission of the form, proceed for Step 2 and complete the form.

  • In what order profiles are displayed in search result?

    While displaying the search result, preference is given to Paid members first. Apart from that, .fresh and updated profiles are displayed ahead of the older ones i.e. the most recent ones are displayed on the top.